Association "Club 9000" - Your partner and assistent in the field of quality

Association "Club 9000" is a non-profit nongovernmental organization (NGO), established in 1991. The Association was created as an answer to the appeared real necessity to speed up the harmonization of the activities related to the Quality Management in the Bulgarian organizations with the internationally accepted practices embedded in the International Standards - the ISO 9000 series. During the years, thanks to its policy and efficient activities in favor of its members, the Association firmly established itself as an authoritative organization and keeps developing. The number of its members already exceeds 450, including almost 120 juridical persons, behind which stay other hundreds of managers and specialists.

The activities of the Association naturally include also the Environmental Management Systems, which gain increasing importance. Embedded in the International Standards of the ISO 14000 series, containing the requirements to the Environmental Management, are the principles of Quality Management provided in the ISO 9000 series.

The implementation of Quality Systems, based on the ISO 9000 series and of Environmental Management Systems in accordance with ISO 14000 series is a must and a condition for achieving competitiveness. Members can rely on active support for the realization of these tasks and for maintenance of efficient systems by "Club 9000".

The Association is aiming to follow the further development of the activities in Quality Management and Environmental Management by the international organizations, the leading countries and companies and to provide in time the necessary information to its members. Every single member of the Association "Club 9000" has our active support in their efforts to achieve competitiveness and successful business through the Quality Management and Environmental Management Systems.

In the field of the Quality Systems, the Environmental Management Systems and the Integrated Systems:

  • makes the latest international and domestic documents available on time to the Bulgarian managers and specialists;
  • assists in familiarizing with the leading experience of foreign and domestic companies;
  • facilitates the aquisition of lasting knowledge and accumulation of specific experience for execution of practical activities;
  • helps the companies in: development, implementation, and efficient functioning of the systems; the internal audits; solving specific practical problems;
  • mediates in realization of contacts with consulting organizations and certification bodies;
  • provides opportunities for professional contacts and mutual assistance between specialists and companies;
  • organizes seminars, conferences, meetings and various scientific and technical events with the participation of leading Bulgarian and foreign experts;
  • organizes training for managers and specialists in the practical application of the new approaches and requirements for acquisition of the necessary qualification;
  • publishes an information bulletin, containing useful information materials and written consultations on specific topics;
  • is a member of the: Federation of the Scientific and Technical Unions; Bulgarian Industrial Association, and Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry;
  • cooperates with the: State Agency for Standardization and Metrology; Federation of Consumers in Bulgaria; Bulgarian Union of Standardisers; Union of the Metrologists in Bulgaria; Union of the Quality Professionals; Center for Quality, Productivity and Management, and Certification bodies and consulting organizations, which are its members
Chairman : Mr. Katerin Katerinov
GSM: 0888 615 611
Secretary: Mr. Vladimir Kosev
GSM: 0877 648 980
1000 Sofia,G. S. Rakovski str. 108
tel./fax: (02) 980 4910, GSM 089 828 10 05
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