The Federation of Scientific and Technical Unions in Bulgaria is a member of the youth structure - European Young Engineers / EYE /, which works to establish contacts and cooperation between young engineers / up to 35 years / from different European countries exercising the engineering profession.
The youth section - Union of European Young Engineers – Bulgaria / UEYEB/ was established in the middle of 2003. Union members are young engineers, doctors, graduate students and undergraduate students of technical universities in the country, studying in engineering.

The Bodies of UEYEB are:

  1. The General Assembly.
  2. The Management Board.

Main tasks of the youth section at FNTS - UEYEB are:

  • Attracting young engineers, doctors, doctorands, masters and bachelors aged up to 35 years to be active social activity in the structures of FNTS and their associations;
  • Forming a new generation of management bodies of the associations in FNTS;
  • Cooperation as partners to establish contacts and cooperation between Bulgarian young engineers and their colleagues from other European countries.

Acceptance of members UEYEB is done by submitting a written request /form/ to the Board of UEYEB.

Contact person:
Dr. Eng. Kremena Dedelyanova,
Tel.: + 359 2 986 13 79
1000 Sofia 108 Rakovksi Str
Federation of the Scientific - Engineering Unions
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