The "Scientific-Technical Institute" Association (STI) is a legal entity established by legal entities through their authorized representatives, in accordance with the provisions of article 19-32 and article 37-44 of the Law for Non-profit legal entities for the implementation of connection to public research organizations and industrial companies organizing the process of commercialization of the results of applied-research.

STI has the following main objectives:
a) to promote the results of applied-research with an industrial focus;
b) to identify any problematic areas in the industry;
c) carrying out consultancy and expert in the field of:

  • technological transfer,
  • intellectual Property,
  • financial management and innovative projects,
  • management of high-tech incubators for research spin-off companies, high-tech clusters, technology and science parks,
  • management of financial tools to stimulate innovation, including venture capital funds in the field of high technologies;

d) technological entrepreneurship training;
e) coordinator in the field of innovation.

Contact person:
Boiko Denchev, PhD.
Senior Expert Project management
Tel.: + 359 2 987 93 60
1000 Sofia, 108 Rakovksi Str.
Federation of the Scientific - Engineering Unions
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