• Web:www.welcomeurope.com
    Description: Guide for the various funding programs by the European Union. It contains information about both programs for the EU and the countries of Central and Eastern Europe.
  • Web:www.ebrd.com
    Description: The official site of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) with information about the bank and its projects. On the page can be monitored and the stages of approval of different projects.
  • Web:www.europa.eu
    Description: Official website of the European Union.
  • Web:www.cordis.lu
    Description: Electronic guide for small and medium enterprises (both EU countries and the CEEC). This website contains information about the intermediaries in the various EU programs and their contacts.
  • Web:www.ec.europa.eu
    Description: Website with information about funding programs under the EU which can be used in Bulgaria.
  • Web:www.kfw.de
    Description: The official website of the German Agency for encouraging businesses Krcditanshtalt fur Wi-edcraufbau (KfW)
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